Oceanvista Consulting Inc. is literally a local mom-and-pop business made up of us, Heidi Tattrie Rushton and Ed Rushton. We are the mom and pop to two Itsy Bitsy Haligonians, the other “family business.” Heidi is the main contact and the writer; Ed is the behind the scenes guy managing the books and pushing the papers.

Heidi Tattrie Rushton

 Photo Credit: sugarsnap photography by brandis

Photo Credit: sugarsnap photography by brandis

Funny how once you figure out what you want to be when you grow up, you often realize you knew it all along. In Heidi’s case she figured it out by age eight, took the scenic route through the first part of her career and education, and finally made her way back to her original dream. Now she’s harnessing the experience she gained during her diverse education and professional background to create content that makes people listen and learn.

Heidi was born with a full-blown Type A brain who needs a minute-by-minute timeline just to get through a Saturday at home, AND the dreamy soul of an artist who can spend hours lost in books and writing stories about imaginary lands. This all works to her client’s advantage as she’s able to channel these duelling gifts into her own unique brand of creativity. She can see your big picture and take ideas to places you hadn't thought of before, all the while keeping all the details on track to ensure nothing gets missed along the way.

Sharing stories has been part of her life since she was a child when she could be found scribbling tales in her spiral bound notebook and producing "newspapers" for community groups. This continued through high school and in university she completed the prestigious Foundation Year Program at the University of King's College and a Bachelor of Recreation Administration degree at Dalhousie University. Later, she earned a Masters of Education degree in Lifelong Learning at Mount Saint Vincent University where she rediscovered how much she loves research and writing in academic and professional formats.

Heidi honed her writing skills through a decade of working at Mount Saint Vincent University in the Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing departments; and she was a regularly contributing writer for many local publications. She worked for the St Margaret's Bay Seniors Association streamlining their office procedures, as well as researching and then writing all of their volunteer policies and procedures and a marketing plan from scratch; and for the past four years she has built a business writing and managing a family resource blog for Haligonians.


Please use the form below or email hrushton [at] oceanvistaconsulting [dot] com. We will do our best to get back to you within two business days. We look forward to hearing from you!

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