Even the most efficient person in the world needs a little help now and then and I adore a well organized business so if you need help getting or staying there, well, that’s my idea of a fun time (yep, Saturday nights are hoppin' around here!).

I'm happy to keep things ticking behind the scenes while you focus on the important work that only you can do. I can organize all of your client information into one handy database, perform human resource tasks such as screening applications, and I can even package products to be mailed to your clients so you can keep creating.

Services Offered

  • Detailed research done on potential clients, products, data, staffing needs, blog topics, industry trends, marketing, and communications strategies

  • Email management

  • Calendar management

  • Data entry and organization

  • Human Resources support (screening applicants, setting up interviews)

  • Upload content onto websites

  • Write product descriptions

  • Stuff envelopes

  • Package retail products for mail-outs

Please contact me to set up a complimentary consultation.