I've been busy writing a lot lately which I love! I've been contributing regularly to the Chronicle Herald's weekly community papers and writing a lot of fun articles about local people, places, and things. I'm a lifelong bluenoser - with most of that life spent in the Halifax Regional Municipality - so I really love any opportunity to showcase all the great things happening in our community.

photo credit: domeckopol/pixabay

photo credit: domeckopol/pixabay

I also have some work coming up in Business Voice magazine and Halifax magazine, and a few other publications over the summer that I'm excited about.

I've compiled some of my recent, publicly available, work onto one page on this website and update it weekly. It can be found here

If you need content written for your blog or website, or an article written for a publication, please don't hesitate to contact me here. I have a broad range of interests and can write on just about any topic and in whatever voice you need. I am available for short or long term contracts, and I work as an independent contractor from my own office so there's no overhead for you. Win-win, right?

Have you ever hired a freelancer to write content for you? What was your experience like?


Heidi | Raising Haligonians

Heidi is a born and bred bluenoser, and has spent most of her life living in the HRM. After having her two children, she started writing professionally for several publications and businesses throughout the province and in 2015 she started Itsy Bitsy Haligonians with the goal of sharing all the great resources Halifax has to offer parents of young children.