How to Take a Vacation

As a new small business owner myself I am just starting to fully get how challenging it will be to take a vacation this summer. And it's not because of the two rowdy kids under the age of four or the rangy dog we need to find a sitter for, or even the question of where and how we will go.  Those questions are all minor compared to how I can step away from a growing business without worrying about losing jobs or clients if I'm unavailable.

I had the opportunity to write a story for Business Voice magazine this month about just this subject and so I jumped at it, knowing full well that I need help too! Based on the tips I got while writing the article my husband and I are committing to going almost "off the grid" when we make our first effort to take a few days off this summer with the kids. We will allow ourselves one hour each day to check in online and make sure things aren't spiralling out of control, but otherwise devices are off and we're heading to the woods. Here's hoping we can follow through.

You can read the full story by clicking on the image below and get some words of wisdom about how to take a vacation this summer - and enjoy it.


Heidi | Raising Haligonians

Heidi is a born and bred bluenoser, and has spent most of her life living in the HRM. After having her two children, she started writing professionally for several publications and businesses throughout the province and in 2015 she started Itsy Bitsy Haligonians with the goal of sharing all the great resources Halifax has to offer parents of young children.