Communications: Newsletter and Email Management

I can’t even tell you how great the article and the response has been. I’m thrilled! We have lots of girls registered already so hopefully the trend will continue. This was a definite success!
— Dana Bookman, Executive Director, Mighty Girls Sports

Despite social media being a powerful force in online marketing, any social media manager worth their salt will tell you the real power is in the email list. When you build a following on social media, you’re at the mercy of that platform. They can (and have) made accounts disappear with no warning or explanation to the business, meaning you need to start building that following again from scratch.

When you build an email list, however, those contacts are yours. The trick is providing content that is valuable enough that your clients want to sign up for your list. I can help you with that. I can offer advice on best practices, suggestions for subscribing incentives, and write the content for your newsletter.

I’m also obsessed with email organization and can help you manage your inbox. It’s a great feeling knowing that your customers are receiving prompt, helpful responses quickly through your email so you can focus on providing your service or making your product. I can respond to general customer service emails, triage your inbox so that you are only dealing with urgent issues, and write a series of form emails that you can use to personalize and answer almost any inquiry, right away.

Don’t forget, your blog posts are a wonderful incentive to subscribe to your newsletter. Don’t have a business blog yet? I can help you with that.

Services Offered

  • Newsletter content compilation and/or writing

  • Management of newsletter database

  • Newsletter formatting and scheduling

  • Email management (triage emails, respond to general inquiries)

  • Customer service form emails, general replies, and funnel email writing

  • Extensive MailChimp experience, quick to learn other platforms

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