Email newsletters are a wonderful way to build connections with your clients. They share information such as upcoming specials, tips and tricks of the trade, product reviews, giveaways, recent blog posts, and employee profiles. Newsletters ensure your information goes directly to your client's inbox.

We are having a limited time offer for small business owners and entrepreneurs who do not have an email newsletter yet. Choose one of three packages, each of which includes the initial setup. Once we’re done you can take over control of your newsletter production, or, if you prefer, Oceanvista can continue producing your newsletter at our regular rates based on your personalized needs.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further please click the Contact Us button below and mention the special in the message. We will reply within 1-2 business days.

What benefits does an Email Newsletter Provide for your Business and your Customers?

  • A cost-effective way to market to your customers

  • Direct email delivery into your client's inbox so you know they will see it

  • Keeps you forefront in your customer's mind

  • Provides an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise in the industry - and increase credibility with your customer base

  • A way to show appreciation to your VIP customers (the subscribers) by providing them with extra value and special offers such as product reviews, new services, events, or giveaways

  • A forum to share your company's unique story through employee profiles and company news - when clients feel like they "know" a business and the people in it they are more likely to remain loyal to them

Quick Tip: A great addition to your newsletter is a blog - let us know if you are interested in getting one started, or updating or maintaining a current one, and we can provide a quote based on your specific needs.