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Working with Heidi was the fastest and easiest way to kick start my business. The entire process was quick, efficient and had high quality outcomes. (The blog post) reached a larger target audience than I could have done on my own and would have required four times the effort on my behalf. I can say without hesitation that the successful launch of Port City Strollers was in large part due to Heidi and her blog.
— Courtney Ceponis, Port City Strollers

Google loves blogs. Well, let me clarify that … Google loves blogs with regularly updated content. Websites are not a one and done advertising tool, you need to keep feeding Google fresh content from your website to stay in the search results - and that’s where blogging comes in. It’s an opportunity to share industry related information with current and potential customers and to establish yourself as the expert that you are in your field.

But maybe you have no time, interest, or ability to write a business blog on a regular basis. Luckily I do have the time, interest, and ability, not to mention years of experience running a successful blog for myself! We will have a strategy session to plan out some content and then you can leave it with me.

With a Masters of Education, Bachelor of Recreation, and Diploma in Early Childhood Education, plus over twenty years of professional experience in the fields working my way up from a preschool teacher to the Manager of Admissions and Recruitment at a university, I specialize writing to the family/parenting-focused and education-related markets and have an endless list of topics to write about.

I can also produce informative and engaging profiles about your people, products and services; refresh your web copy to be current and on brand; and share the details about a new product or service you're offering.

My writing has been featured in many publications, including the Chronicle Herald, Our Children magazine, Business Voice, Halifax Magazine, Family Matters, Atlantic Books Today and more. With a proven background in writing on a wide range of topics for a variety of audiences, I can write your content and turn it into the links that people click on as they scroll through their social media channels, leading them straight to your website where they can make the purchase.

Don’t forget, your newsletter is a perfect way to send out your blog posts to your customers. Don’t have a newsletter yet? I can help you with that.

Services Offered

  • Blog post writing

  • Research for blog topic ideas

  • Editorial and content calendar creation

  • Staff profiles/bios

  • Company, Product and/or Service Descriptions

  • Articles featuring your business, products, or expertise

Please contact me to start talking about how we can work together to reach your goals.